The following is the third in a series of posts about the Azure SQL Database DTU Calculator.The first post in this series described the need for the calculator and the process of creating it. Single Azure SQL Database.

According to Microsoft, a Database Transaction Unit or DTU is a blended measure of CPU, memory, and data I/O and transaction log I/O in a ratio determined by an OLTP benchmark workload designed to be typical of real-world OLTP workloads. See how Microsoft tools help companies run their business.

Azure SQL Database originally started off with very simple options – you could pick between two database sizes (1GB and 5GB). Blue Dot projects are projects that produce sustainable solutions, and they make high demands on the participants because they run alongside the ordinary teaching schedule. Despite this, I think the new vCore Purchase Model is a useful option that gives you more choices and flexibility.

Across semesters, curricula and fields of study, students work on an engineering assignment. I’ve heard of IOPS, virtual CPUs, RAM, and so on, but DTU was a new one to me. Basically today they offer two main modes a DTU based model and a vCore based model. This post will focus on analyzing the results. Microsoft customer stories. An added benefit of vCore pricing over DTU pricing is that you can use the Azure Hybrid Benefit to transfer on-premises licenses to Azure SQL Database.

The second post described using the calculator. DTU Blue Dot is the place where students work as engineers. Every database in Azure SQL offers a maximum number of DTUs. But what the heck are these things? DTU Model. The pricing comes from the Azure pricing calculator: Basic, SQL Database, 5 DTU, 2GB DB, $5/month Standard, S0, SQL Database, 10 DTU, 250GB database, $15/month Standard, S1, SQL Database, 20 DTU, 250GB database, $30/month Standard, S2, SQL Database, 50 DTU, 250GB database, $75/month Standard, S3, SQL Database, 100 DTU, 250GB database, $150/month

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